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I am not trying to re-direct this thread, but how different would it have been had they used a drone? C4? A Javelin? Dropped a mortar? It seems that the only goal here was to kill him. He could have been contemplating surrender. Heck, who knows, maybe he did and found a fire blocking his path. I think that, when police officers start making decisions for destruction versus enforcing the laws, we open Pandora's Box. (My apologies for my finding a lack of a better term there)

The major thing to remember here, they had nearly every tactical advantage. They could easily have starved him out. Look at what our military did with just speakers and Van Halen music! Granted, I don't know of all the fact here. I doubt we ever will with the way the lines have been drawn recently. This just smacks of a revenge killing to me... A torturous one at that.
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