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As I have said before, I have never seen a quality rifle that was helped by bedding or adding pressure points to the barrel. I have seen some low quality rifles that loved it. I have a 700 30-06 mountain rifle that would not hit the broad side of a barn, well it was a 2 inch at 100 shooter and to me thats not hitting the broad side of a barn. I bedded the action. It did not help it. I floated the barrel. Did not help it. I bedded the barrel using very thick packing take on the action so I could apply a pile of pressure to the barrel bed when I took the tape out. Its a 1/2" @100 with match ammo and sub MOA with hunting ammo. Thats giving the barrel plenty of time to cool.
I have a CZ550 American that I am going to have to float the barrel on and re-bed the action. It is a tack driver for a light weight barrel, BUT every year when I put it in the safe the zero moves, and it moves a mile. Done so every year for six years.
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