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I want Chicago to resemble the same area in the OP: where people are used to seeing OC. I find this very exciting.
Illinois is going to get carry in a few months. Since the cops don't have much experience with law-abiding people carrying guns; I imagine the transition will not be seamless. There are going to be cops demanding ID, demanding that OC'ers submit to a Terry pat-down, all without explaining why. After the law is passed and we can familiarize ourselves with it; do any of you feel you have a civic duty to gage the reaction of law enforcement? If utube is any indication, there will be cops out there trying to discourage OC through intimidation or nefarious actions, especially in downtown Chicago.

The process of going from 'any gun anywhere in Chicago is not tolerated' to 'citizens OC'ing on the sidewalk downtown won't be hassled by police' is going to be embarrassing for the citizens and for that it should be expensive for the city. We should organize a OC parade or something right off the bat.
We can start at my apartment.
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