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Do yourself a favor and open up a #6 shell to see the actual size of the pellets. They are pretty darn small. Unless you are really shooting someone at point blank range, the pellets will act seperately. Some of you guys are asking for statistical data on how many birds hit the ground still alive. Who really cares? The thickness of the average human is MUCH thicker than that of anything short of an ostrich. I'm sure bird shot to the face will be a very nasty deterrent (especially if it blinds the attacker), but the head is a much smaller target than the body. My home defense shotgun will be for hunkering down in the bedroom while the pistol will between rooms. Once the family is hunkered down in the master bedroom, anyone coming through the door will not be a happy camper. I live in South Florida so hurricane code dictates that our houses be built to withstand big bad wolves. I can easily shoot 00 buck without endangering anyone outside my home.
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