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The Lee tumble 230 grain (or close to that weight) round nose tumble lube mold will cost around $20 or a little less from a majority of online vendors. It would feed like any 230 grain round nosed jacketed round.

I started out trying to reload using the Lee Tumble-groove 230 grain lead round nose bullet. I had problems in my Ruger P90!

See my page with pictures here:

And a follow up here:

What I am certain of is that the shoulder on the Lee 230 grain LRN bullet is too big. That is, the step from the ogive nose to the maximum diameter is too harsh. It makes the brass case mouth stand very proud of the nose of the bullet. Enough so that when a spent case is being extracted, the rim of the case will catch on the case mouth of the next round in the magazine.

I talked with Lee about this, and their recommendation was to crimp the case mouth harder. I do not like this for a couple of reasons: First, it may increase pressures. Second, the 1911 is supposed to headspace on the case mouth. Crimp it too much and it will instead headspace on the extractor. Lee said not to worry most 45s headspace on the extractor anyway. I was unconvinced.

Fortunately, Lee makes another mold, the TL452-230, which is a 230 grain truncated cone tumble lube bullet. It has no step in it - the cone of the bullet nose goes straight to the outer diameter of the bullet, so the only step upon seating is the case mouth itself. I have had no problems with this bullet.

This mold costs the same as the 230 round nose bullet - about $20. Midway is out of stock but here is the link:

I wish Lee would fix this and offer a tumble lube 230 grain LRN bullet without the harsh shoulder on it.

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