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Remington's not the only folks that has accuracy issues with detachable magazine fed centerfire rifles. The US government's converting the M14 to an M14NM (National Match) version had them as well as its civilian counterpart, the M1A. These rifles' magazines do not all fit their housing exactly the same. Each magazine requires a different zero on the sights 'cause they cause different direcdtions of muzzle axis whip while the bullet's going down the barrel. Darned things change zero in rifles built and fit with all the right stuff to make them shoot near 1/2 MOA at 600 yards. Military teams using them typically used one magazine for slow fire matches where each round was single loaded. A matched pair of magazines were used for 10-shot rapid fire matches; 2 rounds in the first one and 8 in the second one. Both magazines "shot" to the same point of aim with the same zero on the sights.
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