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As to a Python, the subject of the thread, it's a Ferrari to me.

I'd love to drive one, and in a different lifetime, I'd own one or a couple dozen of them. In this lifetime however, it will never happen. (never say never...?)

I absolutely love handguns and I have my share of them. I will get more as I see fit, but I am a shooter. I really, really want to shoot a Python and I'd love to stick one in -MY- garage overnight and park it next to my other cool handguns.

I don't want to own one. I don't want to pay the premium they demand. I would cringe when shooting or cleaning it if I had paid the premium. And if I found one for a REALLY low price, I'd much rather cash it in to a collector and buy something like a King Cobra and ten thousand component slugs for ammo.

What I [b]really[/i] need is a Python that had accidentally and unknowingly been dragged behind a truck. Something in HORRENDOUS shape... but still functional. I'd pay a couple hundred for that, and then shoot it!
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