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I'd love to chit chat about those cars (not that I know squat about them, just that I'd send them both packing for a 1971 1/2 Camaro, but I'm "different") but if we keep doing THAT, we'll get a VERY COOL thread closed. Let's not do that.
BTW, I never got this "I like X, so I must hate Y" thing.
I'm with you... now. It took maturity to get there. Back in the late 80's when it was time for me to buy my first handgun, I nearly went with a Taurus, but thought better of it because of all the cops at my local Sportsman's Club that were shooting PPC every Sunday morning with L-frame Smith & Wesson revolver. In the end, I bought a S&W 686 and to this day, it's one of those "REALLY smart things" I did once or twice in my life.

My point?! Back then, I scoffed heavily at the Colt King Cobra. That revolver was a direct competitor to my L-frame Smith & Wesson and that revolver was a cheaper, budget version of a Python. I wouldn't have taken one for FREE. (that's a blatant lie, but I'm trying to make a point) As a 17-yr old knucklehead, I looked at a King Cobra as the "other" side and I sneered every time I saw an ad for one.

I was a knucklehead. But I grew up. I'm still glad with the choice I made, but I really want to add a King Cobra. But I know where that goofy sentiment you referenced comes from.
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