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Originally Posted by Constantine
The differences in handgun loads such as the aforementioned are so minimal, that it's not even worth the debate.
Give me my AR-15 launching a bullet at a screaming 3,000fps.
Handguns are for conceal-ability and convenient packing of a weapon due to it's size. It's a sidearm, a secondary. Not a primary. If it's all you have (CCW) then it is your primary. I wouldn't bet my top dollar that it'll get the job done better than a rifle.
Again, the following mentioned handgun cartridges are very minimal in difference in terms of incapaciation. Shot placement is king, even more so among common handgun rounds.
Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

IMNSHO, there's not much else to add or take away. Find the platform that works best for you first. I believe this is far more important than worrying about the effectiveness of the .40SW cartridge. Any of the major cartridges are going to have very close ballistics. Pick which one you think you're most proficient shooting well. The rest is moot.
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