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Originally Posted by g.willikers View Post
During the podcast, it was pointed out that military training doesn't necessarily include much in the way of handgun training.
The fellow talking was in the Marines, so maybe other branches do include it.
He also said that the emphasis is on precision rifle over long distances.
Very useful in some places, but the lack of training in close, fast rifle training was harmful in others.
He also said that competition shooters, who excel in handguns and fast rifle use, are increasingly being asked to train military.
It was a very interesting discussion.
I am an MP so we do have extensive M9 pistol training as well as M16/M4 W/WO M203 grenade launcher, M249 SAW M240B SAW, M2 50 cal AND MK19 automatic 40mm grenade launcher. Many MOSs aren't even issued M9s so they don't get much training on them. Ben did touch on that in the podcast.

Prior to our last deployment we had specialized close combat training. This training was conducted by civilian contractors who all 4 were former military and 2 of them also worked in civilian law enforcement.

As an MP we train in teams for combat deployments but also train individual for stateside L&O deployments.

I think one thing Ben missed is that a lot of military service members are also civilians (reserve and guard) and shoot/train a lot in their civilian free time.

As I said in my earlier post a lot in the military depends on your unit, MOS and mission specific training.

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