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Observation between Froglube and Slip 2000 EWl on my SCP.

As many many know, I Froglubed many of my handguns last week. It seems to work good but the action of my Super Carry Pro feels super fast but more of a metal on metal feel. That wouldnt concern me to much if it was steel on steel instead of aluminum on steel. Its still early but I see no excessive, if any wear. I am a old school guy that has always used grease on my IPSC race guns and carry 1911's. I cleaned the Froglube off and experimented with Slip 2000 EWL on the inside of the SCP. The rails felt more cushioned and that the slide was running on the EWL instead of a direct metal on metal feel like with the thin Froglube. Psychologically, this seems to sit better in my mind that the metal on metal contact has a thicker film of lube between. My SCP is a tight precise fitted 1911. There is absolutely no slop in the action. The SCP feels as smooth as glass riding on the thicker EWL.
Anyone want to share some input on this????
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