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I 2nd the idea that MEC makes better loaders than the Lee option / or any other option ...including RCBS, Dillon, Ponsness Warren, etc...

The MEC single stages are good machines...but seriously, I'd consider the MEC Grabber ( a manually indexing progressive machine) as a much better option....

I've loaded on MEC's for over 50 yrs now .../ and today I load on the MEC 9000 HN machines / and you don't need that machine unless you get into clay target shooting in a big way ...but the MEC grabber, I think, is a good solid machine for a casual shooter.
In can't substitue one 209 primer for another will need a specific recipe using the AA hull you have and the rem 209 primer...vs Win 209's, Chedite 209's, etc...

In 12ga ...90% or more of the guys that reload...are using Remington STS - Nitro hulls...or some are using the Game Club hulls....but the Remington hulls are far outlasting the AA's these days...and there are so many versions of the AA hulls ( some are ok to load, some are junk ....)...

I also 2nd the question....which Alliant powder did you buy ...??
Personally in a 12ga hull....I like Rem STS hulls - Win 209 primers - either Claybuster, Winchester or Duster wads - and Hodgdon Clays powder.....
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