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I am totally disgusted with this incident. The police had him surrounded and he was trapped, where was the negotiator who is supposed to atleast attempt him to give up ? This whole situation has the markings of a vigilante mob. From what I have heard the police were totally out of touch with reality on this one. I do not condone what this guy did but burning a man to death is a horrible horrible death. These officers should all be arrested and held accountable for their actions.
I know the suspect was an accused murderer, but he was also a human being and by the sounds of things had mental issues. His civil rights were clearly violated in such a horrific way. The police had him surrounded and contained, was there no other way other to burn him alive ? Couldn't they have out waited him or apprehended him in a much more civilized manner ?

Sure does a lot to instill and keep faith in law enforcement officers.
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