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With respect JimPeel,

Have not and will not view the article.

But as you have written about this gems thoughts and his apparent thoughts towards the 10,000 citizens (per Tom Servo) he has sworn to protect not owning guns, IMO, the sheriff and every deputy that works for him should be charged with a crime every time a crime is committed in their town that the sheriffs department failed to stop.

With sheriff's apparent thoughts on gun control being that the only people that should have guns are LEO and military.... and more then likely his thoughts are that of when someone is breaking into your home or a woman is being raped on the street, those people should always call 911 and wait for LE to show up....

....sooo, if that's the case, every murder,rape or assault that happens under his watch to his dis-armed citizens, he and his department should be charged with criminally for not getting there in time to stop the crime.
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