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In my mind, I think a very light and very fast Barnes X wold be the bullet that would drop a hog in its tracks. 6mm is about as low as I usually hunt a non varmint with, but I have cooked up some 6mm loads for my wildcat rifle I developed that at well north of 4000 fps wreak havoc on anything they hit. The only problem is they cook off velocity very fast, but hitting a hog inside 100, I would bet he would look like a bomb went off inside him. When you shoot a white tail, you get no exit, but a wound channel the size of your fist and a shock wave jelloed mess the size of a bowling ball. The entrance wound looks like a massive exit wound. I am guessing a very light X in the Swift would perform in similar manner. Likewise the varmint loads in .257 WBY look like a bomb went off in a deer.
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