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I already wrote about his in the other DA 22 thread, but I do own a Charter Arms Target Pathfinder (4", SS finish, adjustable rear sight). I think it is a very nice little shooter. It might not be quite as good as the 22 sp101 or a S&W, but the trigger is tolerable (a little gritty, but slowly smoothing out with use), accuracy is decent once sighted in, and lockup is very nice on mine. The rear sights are a little weak, as mine broke and needed to be replaced. A call to the factory and a week later a new sight was in my mailbox. It might take a little effort to get it sighted in as it will probably hit far low or high out of the box, but due diligence pays off.

FWIW, now that I own two Charter Revolvers, both of which I like a lot, it seems they might be sighted for more of a "combat sight picture" instead of a 6 O'clock hold. If you align the sights and then put the front sight completely covering your target instead of directly under it, the shot will likely go very close to POA. of course with the adjustable rear sight, you could likely adjust it for the 6 O'clock hold, but the sight might become loose on some individual revolvers due to the shortness of the elevation screw.

Still, I have no problem recommending Charter Arms Revolvers to anybody that wants them due to looks, functionality, or budget. But if you can afford a Ruger or S&W, it will be higher quality in the fit and finish area, if nothing else.
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