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During Firearms deer seasons, absolutely yes, vest and hat or coat and hat depending on weather. Missouri specifically says the "camo orange" doesn't count so its not an option for me.

If on a hunt with other people, example running rabbits with beagles where we are spread out and its easy to loose track of others, an orange hat is mandatory (or I don't unload my dogs).

If hunting with my son, absolutely.

Otherwise woods wandering, and hunting privately land for small game by myself generally not.

I have laughed at myself many times for wearing camo clothing and putting orange on over it, real reason for the camo its usually my favorite because it has lots of pockets and I like pockets. And I always carry an extra $5 vest in my fanny pack during deer season, have given one away to another person twice so far, once to a young kid who was looking for his dad, the kid was dressed in a mish mash of muted green and brown during rifle season.
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