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Been out to the barn again . . .

I've got two more pairs of revolver grips. The first is a set of standard Pachmayr "Grippers" that will fit a square butt N-frame S&W revolver. The second are oversized grips for an S&W J-frame, square or round butt - you can see from the photo that they will work on either (my Model 34 is not included!). First PM on each takes them and I'll cover the postage.

While I was out there looking for grips, it occurred to me that with the current shortages of reloading components there may be some of you who aren't reloading/shooting because you can't get enough brass, and after decades of brass scrounging I've got more than I can shoot in 10 lifetimes, so . . . I've got three bags of 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP brass. About a hundred pieces in each - should be a few more, as I counted quickly and then threw in an extra handful. These are mixed headstamp, brass or nickel, range brass that have been tumbled clean by me but otherwise not inspected. They're the same brass that I would (and do) reload without hesitation after the normal inspection for neck splits and the like.

As with the grips, first PM on each caliber takes them (if you want to send a single PM listing order of preference, that's OK) and I've got the postage covered. In the interest of spreading the love, one caliber to a customer, and please don't ask for them if, like me, you've already got all you need.

Gotta be a few more old farts like me out there with stuff they need to unload. C'mon guys, look around and see what you're not using that someone else would like - this is fun.

Forgot to add: Be sure to include your name and shipping address in your PM.

UPDATES: 9mm and .45 brass and J-frame grips spoken for.
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