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The weapon of choice employed again?

I started a thread in the old L&P forum back in August of 2001 about how fire seems to be the new weapon of choice being employed against barricaded suspects.

In the Dorner standoff yesterday officers can be heard calling for the torching of the cabin that Dorner had holed up in.

The police can be heard yelling "Burn that <distorted> out!"

All of the above went out live, including the language, over channel 9 KCAL Los Angeles as their reporter Carter Evans was covering the event. That audio may be heard HERE.

In recorded police radio transmissions they speak of starting a fire with "the burner" and "We're going to go forward with the plan with the burner." That conversation starts at 1:00 into the audio at THIS RECORDING. At 1:28 they state "The burner is deployed and we have a fire." This is confirmed by a female voice which states "Copy 7, burner's deployed and we have a fire."

So it seems that their tactical vehicle, with which they were tearing down the walls of the house, has a flame thrower.

I am torn on this because while fire is the best weapon against continued threat of harm to the good guys -- conversely, it was used to great effect during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising by the bad guys -- I don't like it being used as the first line of defense. This continued militarization of our police and these types of tactics are disturbing.

I'll let the assemblage hash this one out. My opinion is stated.

As an aside, the sheriff at 2:49 with his finger on the trigger of what appears to be a Mini 14 is demonstrably poor firearms handling.
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