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Funny to see someone else loading this bullet.A friend bought some to try all so,but the first test was a really bad one.( we didn't get a card in his box )

The test rifle is a 20" SPS R700 with a 1:12 twist.First load was with 4064 ( 40gn ) and loaded at 2.800.Have to say that I've seen 00 buckshot shot better.Now I have went back and found that the C.O.A.L for his rifle is at 2.975 with this 180gn bullet.At this time I have 2 more set's of three loaded to try.First set of three are at 42gn of 4064,and the second set at 46gn of R17.I even put this bullet ( 180gn E-tip ) up beside a 208gn A-max,found it to be all most as tall.When I saw it was just as tall,I then choose R17 for a test powder.( used it with a 208gn A-max ) and had good results ) So I hope that one of the loads works out for him,as the OP said they are not cheap.

If anyone can answer this please do. Is it true that the barrel needs to be really clean when testing or shooting this type of bullet? Read a time or two that all copper bullets being much longer for their weight,cause worse fouling in the barrel.I know in some way its got to be true,for Barns and Hornady cut or form their copper bullets with groves in them. ( for this reason right )
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