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Your training in the military has a lot to do with your "MOS" job in the military
Not in all units, depending on the commander. When I was a company commander or OIC of a unit everyone got the same training.

It was my company so I could allocate my training time to suit me, and I was an expert of selling budgets, including getting ammo.

For example, I had clerks to recon. I extended the training beyond the 300 yard pop up, we also had rifle training of KD ranges and maneuver courses.

Did the same thing with pistols.

The only exception was if one showed interest in competitive shooting. I was also the OIC of the State Marksmanship unit. These individuals got further coaching and training with the understanding they provided training to their units or sections.

Yes its different then LE and Civilian. I am a cert. LE Sniper Instructor and did sniper training for the military. A clear example is in LE you teach head shots, in Military, you teach COM. Also the range (distance) is different.

Civilian pistol/revolver shooting isn't that much different then military and LE pistol/revolver training. Defensive pistol is about bad breath distance. 3 yards is 3 yards whether you are a civilian, LE or Military.

But yes, you gear your training to the mission or purpose.
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