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Ugh... I thought a copy of the orals might pop up somewhere, aside from receiving tapes.

If I were president I'd make all the circuit courts tape and convert oral arguments into MP3 and post it in the case file - like CA7 does.

I can't wait to hear what they said.

IMO Kwong is a lot more important than most people think it is. If in the future we see anti-gun enclaves passing 3 and 4 hundred dollar permits just to possess a firearm, not even counting carry permit - and along with it surtaxes on purchasing a firearm and tax on ammo, people will see it for what it is. Whatever it may be called it will act as a restraint on the exercise of the Second Amendment.

Anyway thanks esqappellate. now that I know I have a 17 to 18 day wait, I'll sit quietly waiting for them to appear. Thanks for you efforts.
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