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Knurls? On a case, above the case head? And then the part about being new, can you feel the knurl? Is the knurl raised above the case?
Yes, and you can both feel and measure it. Most of it's below the normal surface but a thousandth or two is above it. Depends on the knurling tool's dimensions and how hard it's pressed into the case.

Bart B. is this the same case we were discussing when I asked you the weight of the case after firing 47 times? I ask you if you weighed the case before you started"? I asked you if you saved one case for comparison as in the effect 47 firings had on the case.
Yes it was. And after 8 or so firings and full length sizings, it had to be trimmed back about .007 inch to 2.000 inch. Never weighed at all but after 7 or 8 sets of .007" trimmed off and neck wall thickness of about .013 inch, you could calculate about how much weight was removed using the mass of a cubic inch of cartridge brass.

Point?? Were the knurls placed on the case to identify it as 308W ammo.
No. The military designation "M852" on its packaging identified it as to its type and the "7.62 NATO MATCH AMMUNITION" identified its cartridge. No arsenals ever made ammo labeled or stamped "308 WIN" as far as I know. I'll repeat what mentioned before; the knurling was to identify the round as ". . .NOT FOR COMBAT USE" and that was also on the containers as shown in the picture of a 20-round box of it.

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