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This thread is based on a youtube vid by James Yeager.

Yeager likes the word "suck" and uses it regularly in the titles of his videos.

Note he also has a 2 part vid titled "1911s Suck".

Note that when he begins his vids he usually references a previous vid that "was controversial", "sparked anger", "got people talking", etc.

Notice how we all came to a thread titled "Do 40s really suck?" Folks are drawn to controversy and argument the same way we look at a house on fire or a car wreck.

Notice the little pop-up ads that appear when you click on his vids. Be aware that each time his vids are watched the ads come up and he gets a small amount of money per view.

So the more you denounce something and shout irrational things from the rooftop the more attention you attract. Some folks are drawn to that. Some believe such antics are "gutsy". Like some enjoy "Shock Jocks" on the radio. Mo' attention = mo' money. Especially if you're in a job situation where it's competitive.

Some who are attracted to the antics believe Yeager could be a fun and "ballsy" instructor.

The fella is an adequate instructor who has decided on a marketing strategy for his brand. "It Sucks" = mo' money.

It's unethical because Yeager knows enough that he shouldn't believe some of what he's saying. But some believe that if you're making money that makes it ethical.


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