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Remington 600 Stock replacement?

Hi folks...I inherited from my uncle who passed away, a Rem 600 in 350 mag. Love the stock on it but hate to take it hunting - dont wanna scratch it up more than it already has been (my uncle believed rifles were made to hunt with - not sit and look

ANYWAY, I was doing a bit of research on short action stocks and noticed several remington 700's with short actions, that are available with synthetic stocks. And I can get one at a very cheap price (used of

Q: are these stocks interchangeable? they are both short action remingtons - so is this apples to apples or apples vs oranges?

I understand the 700 will be longer in the fore end but what I'm looking for is a stock to put on this so I can take it hunting and not worry much about scratching up the stock while out and about...

I COULD go get a synthetic stock to fit but before I pay $100+ for a new one, I'd like to explore the cheaper options first...

So, any advice you experts could give me would be greatly appreciated. Afterall, this is my FIRST remington and given the way it performs, it wont be my last...


BY THE WAY - if this is posted in the wrong section, please advise - or if the moderators would move it for me, I'd appreciate that too!!
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