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Lots of good insight and info, much appreciated!

I hear rumors that more mfg will be offering 6.5 creed brass so I'll probably just stick to buying a little here and there.
I have 100 or so once fired .308 brass and another 400 or so factory cartidges yet to fire so I think I'm good there....for now.

I'm not in any big rush to get components, wouldn't do much good even if I was in the current situation...

I'm in gathering mode right now. Info, techniques, equipment etc.

Decided I'm going to stick with the single stage press for my rifle cartridges and get a turret or progressive for my pistol needs.

Any more info on the pins wet tumbling set up? Is this like the sonic cleaners I've been seeing?
Any advantages other than the brass looks better after cleaning?

Again, thanks for all the help and info!
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