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you may want to at least think about your tumbler... alot of people have been switching to the stainless pins & wet tumbling ( I just made the switch & after almost 20 years of reloading, I love the pins, wet tumbling, & how my brass looks afterwards ), & you can't use the pins with the vibratory tumblers, but can use cob or walnut with rotary tumblers ( which are needed to use the pins, if you should decide you want to switch later on )

I reload alot of different cartridges that have been formed from other cases, & it's way more inconvienient than proper head stamp cases... when I started out, it was cheaper to reform, & especially with the Condenders there is often no other option, but I try to buy correct headstamp cases now, when ever I can... generally the extra cost is worth it in my time, trying to figure out what cartridge I actually have, if they get sperated from the labeled box...

I don't think you need a digital caliper, in fact I prefer a standard ( metal ) one, seems every time I need my digital, the batterys are dead... never have a problem with a standard caliper...

hope you are not in a hurry for components... sounds like they'll be tough to get for quite a while...
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