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Wow, this guy just doen't get it. This is his personal opinion only. I own 9s, 40s, 357s and 45s. Each has its good points and their bad. Early on, he speaks of Glocks in .40. Well just by simple law of phyisics, yeah it does recoil more. Light weight, high pressure round. Duh. I own 3 .40S&W pistols, Sig P226, P229 and a Beretta 90-Two. Recoil has never been an issue with these firearms. The Beretta being what I believe to be the softest shooting of the three. He also says that they wear out quicker, maybe so, but with proper maintenance, they should last very long. If you can shoot it well, and I can, center of mass at about 15-20 feet with no issues, than it will perform its function. Just as will the 9mm and 45acp. Again IMHO, each has it's place, and if you can't shoot a caliber well, than either you practice, find a better pistol for that caliber if you must have it, or just leave it completely. Your choice.
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