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loose bullets

Hey guys. Long time lurker first time poster. I have recently gotten into reloading and went to load my first rounds last night. With little sucsess.

Im using the Lee 4 hole turret press and Lee Carbide 3 die set to load .32acp
The biggest issue that im having is at the bullet seating/crimping stage. I have followed the instructions that came with the die set to a T. As well as followed the instructions that are outlined in the Lee reloading manual. The picture shows some rounds I made. When I have the crimp set up like the one on the far left I cant spin the bullet in the case but if I chamber it in a gun and eject it it will be at least .010 shorter. And will continue to get shorter each time I chamber it. The other three in the picture are obviously over crimped.

Im thinking it could be a neck tension problem but I dont know how to correct it. on the powder charge/expanding die I am flaring the case as little as possible to accept a bullet.

I only had 8 round of brass last night so im waiting on some more brass to show up in the mail.

Is the .32acp just a "finiky" round to load? I will also be loading 9mm once my dies show up.

btw here is the load data that im loading from if that helps

Hornady 60gr JHP
Acurate #2 2.4gr
OAL .925

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