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I wouldn't bother to disconnect or replace anything. At least not until I knew they were going to cause a problem. Why bother? They sure neither one ever caused a problem on any of the ones I've owned.
There are many documented experiences with the LCI causing failures to feed, especially when dirty. Yes, the can work, but it is just another uncessecary part that can cause failures. Glad you've had good experiences with it, but that does not prove others have not had problems.

Go shoot it. That's the first thing I'd do. Then I'd see what I wanted to do, not what some guy on the internet told me to do.
Then why come here if to not gain advice and information? Why go to Rimfirecentral or The High Road? I am not saying to blindly follow anyone's advice, but there is good info available here, and some of it can be beneficial. If you don't want to follow other's advice here that is fine, but don't disparage what others say as just what "some guy on the internet told me to do." Often these "guys" have decades of shooting, and gun maintnenance experience.
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