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I've used the Super Colibri on my trapline out of a Ruger 22/45 pistol. Totally manual operation and mag will only feed with 3 rounds or less. Not recommended for use in rifles although many do. I fired 2 through an older 10-22 and they exited the muzzle but I'm not using them in the rifle.
Accuracy is iffy and POI is significantly different from HV ammo in my pistol. Not an issue for shots @ 2-5' but I did have problems hitting trapped skunks from 20'.
I've switched to Remington C-Bee hollow point ammo for several reasons. First, it feeds from the mag better. Second, it has more power w/o cycling the action which is safer-still a mag fed manual operation. Third, more accurate and POI is very close to HV ammo. Fourth, more powerful-the Colibri would occasionally fail to penetrate the skull of a large coon forcing me to spend extra ammo or extra time suffocating the animal.
RE: TC HotShot,
I just took delivery on two of those for my Grandsons' B-day gifts. One was OK but the other has serious lockup issues and a loose pivot pin and barrel. I'm waiting on a response from TC on the next step and can only hope it's resolved before Gson's B-day.
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