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Regolith- I would agree with you if I was impressed with most of the newer model 700's I've seen. But I'm not. Alot of the ones I've seen are not grouping that well without a little work being done (usually bedding). The 783 is so new that its yet to really be proven/disproven. Ive read a couple reviews that got some sub-MOA groups with the 783, but I dont know how much they were getting paid to do the review. Personally I think I would rather buy a 783 than a 700 "tupperware edition" SPS. At least the 783 is pillar bedded. But honestly, I dont see myself buying a NEW Remington anything in the near future.

To the OP, ignore my 783 idea. Look for a used 788. Much better way to get a Remington with a detachable MAGAZINE.
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