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I am certainly going to shoot it the first chance I get. The first day that its not either raining or snowing when I get home from work. So that could be awhile this time of year in the NC mountains. I have a few thousand rounds of .22lr so Im not worried, and the store I bought the MK III from actually had CCI bulk packs in stock. I just wanted to hear what some other people have done to their MK III's and if it was worth doing in their opinion. Ill certainly develop my own opinions of what I should do to mine after I shoot it some. The only reason I've already decided I want the Hogue grips is because Im not crazy about the texture of the stock grips and I like the finger grooves and lefty thumbrest on the Hogue. I'm also gonna need a good holster for it. Im all ears for recommendations but I'm thinking hard about this Black Dog holster -
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