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Originally Posted by Rifleman1776 View Post
It is funny and makes no bones that much of the show is intended to showcase the unusual characters in Alaska. Lot of the gun stuff is very unrealistic. Last night they built a .500 nitro mag on a 6 pound Ruger #1. Idiocy.
That was really dumb. For one, the .500 Nitro is a dangerous game rifle, so for who in the heck would you make a single shot dangerous game rifle?

Two, is it not the gunsmith's craftsmanship that should match an action and stock to the cartridge so the rifle is as pleasant and controllable as possible? There is a reason heavy double rifles were the natural home for the .500 Nitro.

This looked like a high school shop project to take whatever was in the parts box and make it work no matter how silly. How could a smith have any pride delivering anything so ill suited for a grand old cartridge?
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