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Okay, gentlemen.

As a retired member of the USAF Airborne Artillery Brigade (AKA: AC-130 Spectre, the A-model in my case), may I say that for many of us, you guys were the reason for the mission.

I came here to close this thread because it is off topic and not about firearms, but I thought I'd give it one shot to get back on topic.

Here is what I rode when we went "outside the wire".

The First Lady: 53-3129. She gets credit for being the first commissioned C-130 in the USAF. A 1953 tail number.

2 ea 20mm GE Vulcan "Gatlings" up front.

2 ea 40mm Swedish Bofors Cannon in the back.

There were also provisions for 7.62 miniguns (2 ea) over the left wheel well, but with the advent of shoulder-fired SAMs they fell out of use quickly (low altitude and man-portable heat seekers don't mix. ).

Today the configuration of C-130-based side-firing gunships has advanced far beyond the days when I crewed on these. Oct 95 was my last flight.
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