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I've liked the .40 in several guns. An HK USP, Sig P226 ST, Glock 20 and 29 10mms converted to .40.
I think the 10mm Glocks with KKM conversion barrels were the most accurate. They were also very reliable and of course the recoil was soft in the 10mm frames. The Sig was a very nice gun and with the stainless frame recoil was no problem. The USP was fun and flawlessly reliable, but I never got better than acceptable accuracy, maybe 4" at 25 yards.
I didn't own an XD40, but the ones I've shot are very nice pistols.

I don't understand all the negativity with the .40. I think if I was limited to FMJ's I would definitely want my pistol to be a .40. With the large flat nose, .400" diameter and relatively high velocity, I would feel well armed.

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