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The only .40 I have is a Sig P226 Elite. It is heavy enough that muzzle flip is not a problem. I can't tell a lot of difference between that gun and a P229 Elite in 9mm.

They both feel about the same. When I first started shooting .40, I was shooting a friends Glock. Can't remember the model, but it was the smaller frame size like a G30.

I did not like it. I usually take a .45 and a .40 or take a .45 and a 9mm.

I start with the .45 and then switch off to the other caliber. I like the .40 with 180 gr. bullets. It is easier for me to shoot.

I think it is easier to shoot with a heavier platform. I am about to decide to buy a 1911 style in a .40.

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