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Hey man thanks I appreciate the response. I have been watching some instructional vids online about weak hand reloading and am going to try to get good at that. Like I said I was just wondering if the 3 gun stlye reloads were applicable in a self defense situation. I don't think that I would try holding 4 shells in one hand though that's just asking to start dropping them when your hands are probably shaking.
I shoot 3-gun and I try to avoid grabbing 4 shells at once out of my caddies. I don't have the biggest hands, and as a result can't retain control of 4 shells during a quick reload.

However, my preferred method of reloading is "dropping deuces", loading two shells at once.

IMO, neither of those are directly applicable in a defensive scenario. No one will grab a competition shell carrier when they pick up their shotgun for defense. The best thing that you can do is get a side saddle on receiver. That way, you can keep a firing grip on the gun, and reload with your weak hand (one shell at a time).
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