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Cobray / Lienad .45/.410 Derringer help

Firstly, I hope this is the correct forum for this question, I assume it is since it relates to neither semi-auto or revolver...With that said, my next project is a Lienad .45/.410 Derringer from Excalibur in kit form with breech face and side plates from Jack Squats, I have recieved the breech face and side plates and am told the parts kit was shipped out today (albiet a full month after I ordered the kit due to miscommunication about my payment being made or not but thats as far as my rant will go ;-) ), Ive Downloaded and read the assembly instructions from Jack Squats website and it all seems pretty straightforward and not too difficult...I have a vast welding past so braizing the sides and breech face together shouldnt be a problem... but I have a few questions, first is in cleaning this gun once fired a few times...What procedure should I follow to disassemble and clean? Is anyone here familiar with these lil guns and what experiences have you had? Troubles with assembling? Troubles in function? Hints or tips in my assembling this kit? Any help appreciated. Thanks loads,

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