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Thanks for asking our advice.

Originally Posted by bch044
Ok thanks for the info and let me see if I have this right.. This is an option that I don't need if I don't want it. And without this 4th die option I am still able to load shootable/safe ammo??
Absolutely right. It is an option.

If you seat at station 3 and crimp at station 4 the adjustment of the dies is easier (you are not trying to adjust for two operations occurring simultaeously) and the seating and crimping can be cleaner (when you seat and crimp at the same time, the crimp is applied at the same time as the bullet is being seating, which means the bullet is moving at the same time the crimp is applied). But this is not all that big a deal.

So, it is not necessary 99% of the time, but convenient.

One fly in the ointment is that the Lee FCD has a second function, sizing the finished round, which some people really hate, sometimes unreasonably so.

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