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Don't want to miss the fun here. I can't find where Josey was carrying 5 on his person, only 4. Those 2 Walkers in over the coat holsters, an 1860 in his belt and his His shoulder holster pistol alternated between a:
Colt 1849 pocket model pistol (.31 cal)
Colt 1962 Pocket Navy revolver (.36 cal)
and an 1860 Army with a cut down barrel, according to those who seem to know these things. I thought it was a 1849 the whole time, Oh well.

When I saw the movie in 1976, I had no idea of the anachronism of all these different pistols. Of course now, I cringe and smile and keep watching one of the greatest westerns in history. Of course IMHO

In this shot he has 6, with 2 of them on the horn and the shoulder holster not seen.

Josey Wales is SO good, he doesn't even need front sites on his pistols.

Here's a good shot of what he carried in the movie:

Lastly, a nice shot of the 1849:

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