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One more time

Corn Cob shipped right to your door, 40 lbs for approx $35 bucks, plus 40 lbs of corn cob is a heck of lot more material that 40 lbs of walnut, that you spend gas to get.

As far as the tumbler, I tired the Harbor Freight one, burned the motor out in the first week, got a replacement and did the same thing, tried one more time and burned the third motor up, got my money back.

Suggest one goes to Cabela's and buy their #400 tumbler, same price range and made right here in America not supporting the RED chinese "friends". Granted the berry tumbler sold by Cabela's motor is made in china but it only because no company here makes one to their specs. Mines been running now for over 10 years now with no problems. Oh, one more thing, Cabela's gives you a lifetime satisification warranty.

Course if you're one who wishes to support labor other than our own when the product is in the same price range, by all means shop for the chinese junk.
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