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A bird told me that the government has bought so much ammunition recently that its killed supply. Would this have really effect reloading supplies as well?

You cant even get .22LR...anywhere here. No powders at least ones that are even remotely popular. Brass is a laugh and u may occasionally run into primers. Bullets are somewhat available but its not going to be in popular weights like 168gr for .308 or 55gr for .223 etc. Anyway. I think once the house shoots down gun control proposals some of the scare might start to fade and the supply will slowly trickle back.

One of the biggest problems are the hoarders. You know, the kind that would only use a 1lb of a certain powder in a year but bought 5 lbs. ugh!

I was able to get my go to bullet in .223 (77SMK) directly from Sierra when no one online or local shops had any. If only I could do that with powders
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