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7mm Rem Mag Recipe for 130gr Sierra HPBT

Howdy all,

Just picked up a box of 130gr Sierra MatchKing HPBT bullets to experiment with in my 7mm Rem Mag.

Looking to see what a good load recipe is for that bullet. I only have H1000 and H4831 on hand and can't seem to find IMR4350 or IMR4064 which would be preferred.

I'll be using Rem 9 1/2LRM primers and either H1000 or H4831 unless I can find IMR4350 or IMR4064. Lyman's 49th has a load for both, I believe. Hornady's 8th has a load starting at 55.5gr of H4831 and 61.9gr of H1000 for their 139gr bullets-no data for 130gr bullets. I'm leery on going by just Lyman's. Saw 2 pounds of IMR4007SSC at Cabela's while I was there but could only find one load book at the store that used that powder for 130gr bullets.

COL will be chamber seated and then shortened by .005" or so.

Loading these into new unfired Rem brass.

Any tips or advice is appreciated, including finding the above powders in the eastern PA area.
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