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A round being good or bad is going to be from experience. I used a .40 to put the kill on a few deer.

For shots to the body I got terrible penetration from federal hydrashock from a USP. Basically made it through the hide and stopped with out penetrating the shoulder tissue. Had slugs flattened siting between hide and tissue. I was 15-20 yards, never found a pistol round that contributed to death, gave up the goat from the rifle round best I could tell.

Now for 10 yard head shots, I haven't had any issue on mule deer.

Jackrabbits don't much care for .40. They can suck them up though, but only one has taken more than one round to put down.

Javelina don't like 40 either. Though one I shot in the head death rattled for a good 5 minutes.

For caliber I chose .45 not because its super cool and awesome and nothing compares, but because I didn't like having to feed 5 flavors of semi auto pistol. I have a full size am compact 45 that have identical controls. It was what I wanted as felt most comfortable with.

For the Glock 4 Gen 40 not sucking...most the officers I've talked to that have just got them notice their qualifications have dropped from the gen 3. Two local PD's are switching from them. One going bak to gen 3, the other 9mm. Again it's all subjective to the person, that's why we have Sig, Glock, HK, Springfield, Smith and so on to choose from.
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