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What they may be referring to is some people, my self included, seat and crimp bullets in a separate step. Meaning, raise the seating die body, seat bullets. Then go back and run the seating die back down, raise the seating stem all the way out then crimp bullets for the last step. Hope that helps some. A seperate step as discussed is not necessary, but for some it helps seat the bullet to the proper depth and not be interfered by the crimping at the same time. If your seating die is set up just right you may not have any problems. Some of those problems would be that as the bullet reaches final depth it starts to get some resistance as the die is starting to crimp the bullet. On a worse/badly adjusted die it will cause a fight between seating and crimping and sometime you get a hollow point that will cave in. Been there done that. Sooo, long story short it may create a better loaded round. And to do this in a turret press you could add a fourth die (seating die set up to crimp only). Guys am I right/close?
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