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Once again its an opinion thing. Everyone handles a weapon a little differently and imagines themselves in a different situation, whether it be engaging a nut job in public, home defense or whatever other scenario we can cook up in our heads.Regardless, doesn't matter.

The .40 is great! I have met a lot of people who swear by them. As a 9mm fan, I've heard it all. .40 fans say they're better than 9mils. .45's are more powerful than everything...
9mm is better cause you can obtain a better follow up shot due to lighter recoil!

Who cares!?!?!?

I don't care for the .40, and swear by the 9mm,however enjoy shooting the .45. Call me crazy!

Bottom line is, they're bullets leaving a barrel at a velocity we couldnt come close to matching on foot!
Shoot what you like! There all great! An expensive hobby is not expensive if you like it.
One more quote, no caliber sucks if it saves your life.

Thanks for reading.
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