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Yep, that's a pretty good listen. Gura is good, and I think the state floundered pretty bad. Their only argument was that they feel it's not safe

I'm not sure who the younger sounding judge is, but he really flustered the assistant DA. He nailed her on not allowing open carry, that Vermont has the least restrictive regulations and there aren't "blood in the streets" from gun owners. Even the older judge got into the act.

They even tried the "long standing law/tradition". She even brought up that even ENGLAND in colonial times banned concealed carry. The freaking people we waged WAR on because of their attempts to disarm us.

They really chewed up the DA, if we lose this one I'd be SHOCKED.

I feel that even the judges know this one is badly written. Just because it's been around awhile doesn't make it right.

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