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Didn't like having to really squeeze the grip so the safety would disengage.
I own an XDm 9mm compact and before that had an XD 45 compact. I never found I had to really squeeze the back of the grip to get the safety to disengage. In fact I have it my hand right now and with a loose grip I can still get it to fire.

In terms of shootability and handling of the .40, the M&P 40 wins, and in my opinion it's not even close. Not intended as an insult to XD-40 fans - it IS a good gun - but the M&P feels very smartly designed around the .40
Could you elaborate? Not trying to pick a fight, but you say it's not even close but don't really say in what way.

To me the stock trigger on every M&P I've held and owned has been pretty lousy. Is that a deal breaker? Not really. For minute of man accuracy at standard engagement distances you can make hits with the M&P easy. Now the APEX trigger kit makes it a MUCH nicer trigger, the difference in smoothness and crispness of the break is so night and day its criminal. With that you can turn it into a nail driver. But that means another $100 on the price of the gun. And at that price point...

We get to the XDm, which is my favorite poly striker pistol at this time. The ergos are spot on for me and the pistol is much more refined than the XD. I have an initial range report with my XDm and it was comparing in accuracy to my HKs, I was really impressed. I just find it child's play to shoot easily. Honestly it's well worth the extra $$ to me.
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