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For 1000.00 you could build a first rate rifle that you could use the rest of your life and pass it to your kids.

1. Get a 1903 or 03A3 Springfield that has already been sporterized. Rebarrel with stainless steel 12 twist barrel of heavier dimensions. A 5A Douglas contour is a good all around contour.

2. About ten inches in front of the action turn barrel down to a cylinder for .800". Barrel can be any length to 26".

3. At the .800 point mount a Weaver 92A base (fits .800" barrel dia) and Weaver see thru bases and a NC Star 2-7" scope.

4. Free float the barrel, bed the action.

Get an extra extractor, striker, striker rod and striker spring and you will have a rifle you can maintain yourself without tools for the next 50 years.

If you go the extra little bit and get a custom 30.06 reamer to the right dimensions you can reload LC Match brass over 100 times.
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